Sheila Levine, LCSW

Counseling Services

Telehealth sessions

are available

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is to call. The phone will be answered either by myself or by the therapist that shares office space with me. We do not use a receptionist, which helps protect your confidentiality. We are often in session with other clients, so the phone may ring to voice mail. If so, just leave your number and I will call you back within the day. 


If you prefer to schedule online, just click on the link . There will be a location option where you choose telehealth or office.


If you are an established client and would like to cancel and/or reschedule an appointment, you may do that online by clicking on the Set Appointment Link above. This is a secure webpage that allows you access to my schedule and availability and avoid the phone tag game. If Telehealth sessions are more appropriate for you, choose the Telehealth option as the location.  You will be using your user name and password that you have already set up with me.

Crisis Phone Line


This phone is answered 24/7 by trained mental health volunteers